Here are some of our recent and current Demolition, Stripout and Site Clearance projects.

Brown & Lenox factory demolition and site clearance, Pontypridd

This contract was carried out for R M Vidler Ltd. The project called for the demolition down to slab level of the former Brown & Lenox Chain Factory in Pontypridd, Wales. Health & Safety issues were paramount during this project, as this site had been continuously targeted by robbers who had started to cut the supporting legs of the building making it very unsafe. We therefore concluded that a long reach machine with a shear attachment would be the safest and most efficient option to enable the structure to be cut down safely. There was also the problem of Japanese Knot weed across the site which had to be left undisturbed and treated throughout.

We overcame these problems by staying on site in Bunkabins so we could control the site 24 hours a day.

A very nice contract apart from the constant down pour of rain.

Dismantling and recycling of two 747 aircraft, Southend Airport

Our most exciting project yet was carried out for Maskill Mann Recycling Ltd. The project involved the dismantling and recycling of two 747 planes at Southend Airport. We rose to the challenge of some Health & Safety issues by approaching this unique project with a delicate touch – the majority of the work had to be carried out in a hanger which left us little or no room to manoeuvre the planes, and we also had to pay close attention to the floor as this was not allowed to be damaged.

We overcame this by hiring the smallest machine able to carry out the works. The machine also had rubber tracks to avoid damage to the floor. The planes were dismantled using shear and grapple attachments and loaded away in bulkers on a wait and load bases.

We were really surprised at how easy these planes came apart. We have all been nervous flyers ever since.

Demolition of Alperton School, Wembley

This project was carried out for ART Developments Ltd. The project involved the demolition down to slab level of a 2 storey block of class rooms situated in the play ground of a live school in Wembley. To add to the usual Health & Safety issues, we had the problem of keeping the children away from the site. After discussions with the client and the school we decided the best way to tackle this project was to complete the work during the half term holiday.

Although this was a very tight program, with careful planning, organization and long hours the project was successfully completed on time.

Demolition and site clearance, Croydon

This contract called for the demolition of various constructed industrial buildings over a 2-acre site. The contract included the grubbing up all foundations with materials being crushed on site, with some of the crushed materials being left on site to form a pile mat.
This was a tricky site to work within, as we had to overcome the difficult problem of having a 3-storey building which was within a meter of residential housing at one end, with the other end being joined to a 24 hour petrol garage and a military base.

At Few Demolition, we realise that every project requires different approaches and logistics. Whilst the above projects represent a cross-section of what we do, we would encourage you to get in touch with us if you have a complicated or unique demolition project, to discuss possible approaches.

If you would like more details on any of the above projects, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.